This morning in class, I was frantic trying to get things in order for advisory, since I had forgotten to prepare a key component of our session, so as students were calling my name, I was giving them the non-business, letting them know I couldn’t be bothered until I was done.  Although they knew I was irritated, one of my students caught my attention by saying, “if you can read this, you can have it.” Even though I was still crazy, trying to get caught up, and told him “I don’t really have time to read anything”, I still took the ticket and read it, for some reason, maybe to humor him, maybe just so I could have this opportunity to blog about it later.  Either way, what he handed me was a coupon for a free spicy chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil-A written entirely in Spanish.  STILL irritated and not even understanding what was going on, I translated it into broken English, but I was accurate enough to impress him.

After how much it really took for him to get my attention, I’ve ended up with something I didn’t ask for, and wasn’t even in the mood to receive.  Because I looked past myself just for a second, I received a little gift.  There’s a sermon in there somewhere, but I just don’t have time to preach it.  What I will make time to do though, is pick me up some waffle fries to go with this free ‘sammich’ tomorrow. SpitLIFE


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