The lie is pervasive, speaking to both the big picture and the minute instance. It’s strategies are numerous; it may attempt to completely deceive you or only serve as a slight detour. The lie is cunning and skillful, plucking at the weaknesses of our hearts and minds like a soloist does the strings of a guitar. The lie can sway you with its attractiveness as it appeals to your senses, making us sensitive to its concerns and agenda.

In some ways the lie carries the same power as the truth. Both the lie and the truth can alienate, offend, and give direction. The lie, just like the truth, has to be spoken or witnessed in order for its influence to grow. But, just like the truth, the lie exists whether we acknowledge it or not.

As we seek to know God, know His word, and know His truth, we each would be wise to commit that truth to our memory. Inhaling it, eating it, drinking it. Reading, meditating, and memorizing the truth…all so we don’t fall victim to the lie. As each of us pursues our destiny, our dreams, and our purpose in this life, we must recognize that there is truth that sets itself up against the lie.

The lie may try to convince you that there is no God, but if he fails at that, he will simply attempt to trick you into building God in your own image, making God a puppet to your desires and/or insecurities. The lie may try to convince that you can’t or shouldn’t pursue God’s vision for your life; rather, you should follow a path of your own choosing, since God has been made in your image. The lie would have you believe that truth is unknowable, because the lie doesn’t want you to know the truth of the Lord. So, the lie has no desire to see you fulfill the potential that God has placed in you, to overcome adversity just as Christ overcame death.

No, the lie wants you to be preoccupied with it, so that it can hold your attention, your emotions, and thus your potential in check, untouched by the power of the truth. I challenge each of us to revolt against the lie. Rebuke the lie, put it under your feet, and use it as a stepping stone to bring you closer to the truth. Because acknowledging the truth, even if that truth makes me look bad, will set me free. Free to grow, free to progress, and free to fulfill my purpose. I desire the same for each of us.

Let God be true but every man [even me] a liar. – Romans 3:4
And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. – John 8:32


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