When Seasons Change

If you’re not careful you’ll find yourself the only one still wearing a coat outside when everyone else is already wearing short sleeves and sandals. It’s very important to understand what season you’re in, so that you can cover yourself appropriately. Here in North Carolina, that can be difficult sometimes, because it seems like we can experience the conditions the match each of the 4 seasons all within that span of a week, but that, as I like to refer to it, is often Fool’s Gold, giving us a false impression of our situation.

Don’t be tempted by signs of season change because of how things feel. It may be cooler than normal, but make no mistake that it’s Spring. And while signs of Winter may still make a surprising appearance, or the heat of Summer may come to visit, it’s still Spring. In the same way, we all have to be careful to seek the Lord about our seasons, paying close attention to the circumstances of our situation and not just our feelings about them.

You may feel like you’re ready to throw in the towel, or you may feel like you can’t really step up to some of the challenges you set for yourself because you’ve “missed your season”. While it’s completely possible for us to miss out on worthwhile and even God-sent opportunities, missing an opportunity doesn’t mean the season of opportunity is over any more than a cold day in April makes it Winter again. Discover what season the Lord has you in in your life, and relish in the challenges and/or opportunities it brings. Don’t try to rush it, and don’t be upset because you think you missed it, because regardless of what season you are in, there is work to be done and accomplishment to be achieved.

Take advantage of your season, be calculated in how you conduct yourself, and trust that your preparation will ready you for your season of harvest. Do everything you can in your current season, then you’ll be ready for when seasons change.



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