Fool’s Goals


What is “Real”? – Morpheus

I remember being blown away the first time I watched The Matrix. I thought the movie was so thoroughly thought-provoking and entertaining that today it still ranks as one of my favorite films. One profound scene shows Morpheus taking Neo into the “construct” and breaking down his view of reality. It was important to move the plot forward in the film, and it’s an important step in our journey as we each continue to pursue our goals.

What is genuine article and what is fool’s gold? What’s the difference between something that we should pursue and a fool’s goal? I think each of us encounter situations on a regular basis that look like opportunity. Moments present themselves in which we may connect with a potential mate, decide to move a different professional direction, or scrap everything and start from scratch. Every time we are presented with a good solid choice though, it is inevitable that we are also presented with a good solid distractor.

The best multiple choice questions are the ones that have a right answer and good distractors. Those are the ones that really show if someone understands their material, and as a teacher, I would make every attempt to place good distractors in my multiple choice test items. In the same way, as we decide what to pursue with our lives and which goals we are going to make, we have to understand that some are godly, some are good, and some are some really attractive distractions.

In identifying and avoiding fool’s goals, it’s important to understand that goals worth pursuing will most often be able to satisfy the following criteria:

1. You believe that achievement of this goal will bring you closer to the fulfillment of your destiny.

2. You can present your desire to achieve this goal to a respected friend and/or mentor and it can withstand the scrutiny of their questioning.

3. Your strategy for completion of this goal can be formatted into the SMART format (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant/Realistic, Time-bound)

For your consideration, if you believe God put you on earth to minister to the needs of single mothers or to make an impact in the practices of the corporate world, then any goal you pursue should be related or connected to that. It should either place you directly in the path toward your destiny, OR it should provide you with skills or resources that you will need in order to move toward your destiny. Any goals you set for yourself that don’t meet these criteria run the risk of wasting the most valuable resource – time – and stalling the actual progress you need to make. Make sure that your choices about what you will pursue are both inspired and informed. Don’t get caught up setting and chasing fool’s goals.



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