So Much on My Mind That I Can’t Recline


Sometimes you’re frustrated because things aren’t going your way.  You planned to work out every day, it’s the end of the week and you’ve only worked out once. You thought you set your alarm, but wake up panicked and late because you set it to PM instead of AM. Then there’s the days that you get to work and get settled, and then pause to ask yourself, “did I put on deodorant this morning?” I’ve definitely been there, and I understand the burden of undesirable circumstances filtering their way throughout a day.

However, that’s not necessarily my struggle right now. My struggle right now is the one where you’ve been praying and plotting and planning for things to happen and for situations to take shape, and things start happening as you’ve desired, and it only stresses you out MORE!!! Yep, that’s where I am right now. And I’m laughing at myself for a couple reasons.

First, the burdens that are coming my way are burdens that I’ve been fervently PRAYING for,  in some cases for years! That sounds like a reason to celebrate right? God has been great to me, and He’s showing me that He’s seen my efforts and heard my prayers. See, that’s how He tricks you (lol). Because the second reason I’m laughing at myself is because I’ve realized that I’m woefully inadequate to handle these situations where God has placed me. Who does the Lord think He is, giving me what I prayed for, when both He and I know that I don’t deserve these things? I mean, He knows me, and all the mistakes I’ve made; He knows my many weaknesses and imperfections, and He STILL chose to give these things to me?

If I didn’t know any better, I would think God was trying to set me up for the okee doke, answering my prayers in the affirmative just so He could rip the rug right out from under me when I least expect it. That’s what I would think…if I didn’t know any better.

But I do.

God’s been incredibly good to me. He’s shown me grace and mercy; He’s chosen me to do a work in His name, and despite my flaws He’s walking with me as I pursue this path He’s outlined for me. So I have no choice in the matter to acknowledge the truth of the situation; the only reason that I’m qualified to be where I am and go where I’m going is because Christ is with me, His anointing upon me.

When we face the burden of answered prayers and fear because things are starting to move in the right direction, we must remind ourselves that our success is dependent not on our own abilities, but on the steadfastness of our faith in God. There’s no point in pressuring yourself to be Superman, when it wasn’t your superhuman abilities, but your supernatural faith, that got you to this point. When faced with the burdens of answered prayer, trust the God that showed His power in providing the blessing to also give you the strength and wisdom to handle it properly.



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