Goal Rush


If you’ve been reading along with me the last few weeks, you’ve noticed that my Word on Wednesdays have shared a common theme. As I’m seeking the Lord’s wisdom about pursuing my goals, He’s been sharing with me things that I feel compelled to share with you. Up to this point, we’ve addressed “who” can achieve goals, how many should be pursued, and which ones. Another issue to address is the ever-important question of “when”.

There are basically two opposing philosophies I would like to introduce as you evaluate the timing of your goal pursuit.There is the “microwave mindset”, and then there’s the “crockpot condition”. The microwave mindset presupposes that most of what you need is already in place, and all you need to do is get started and make something happen.  Those functioning in the microwave mindset expect positive results, and they expect them quickly. When expected deadlines come/go without successful achievement of the set goal, microwave thinkers tend to get frustrated and lose patience with the process, and they can become discouraged that their “dish” isn’t ready on schedule.

When setting small or short term goals, there’s not necessarily anything wrong with the microwave mindset, but it’s a poor thought process to engage if the goal you are pursuing is more long term to more complicated. Microwave mindset should be limited to situations that require small amounts of effort and are often a small portion of a larger long-term set of goals.

However, if you’re trying to pursue your destiny and make a real impact in the world around you, you must be well versed in the crockpot condition. Crockpot meals cook slowly, and typically consist of multiple foods being prepped and combined in a dish that heats at a warm, steady temperature. Different elements of our goals must be reconciled and fit into the dish first, and even as the meal cooks, we have an opportunity to add to it with seasoning or other ingredients. Microwave meals typically satisfy you for a moment, but meals cooked in a slow cooker can feed you for days. In the same way, if you expect your goals to bear much fruit, they will require more preparation and you will face more pressure and heat on a consistent basis.

With all this in mind, we all must pursue our goals in a way that honors the process they require. If you want to start eating better, you can begin that immediately, because you are going to be eating everyday anyway. However, if your goal is to start a business, you’ll need to be much more deliberate in making time to pull your ideas together and write a business plan, just as initial steps. Starting a business will require lots of time and energy, and if you can’t make that available to yourself, now is not the time to start. Only fools rush in, and only the lazy delay. Be deliberate and wise in your pursuit of your goals, and make sure you’ve chosen to use “now” to work on a goal appropriate for the time and energy you have available to commit. Microwave or crockpot…select your menu wisely.



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