Goal Nuggets


These are my final (for now) thoughts about goals; if you have something to add, please do so in the comments.

Goal Nuggets

  1. Make sure you don’t have life goals that disagree with each other. For example, you can’t work on being a bodybuilder and a distance runner at the same time.
  2. The longer you wait to start, the less likely you will pursue the goal.
  3. You need reality checks. Sometimes life will do it, sometimes people will do it. Appreciate both.
  4. Don’t look for shortcuts. You can’t give half effort building a house and expect it to stand.
  5. Don’t “hope” your way to failure. Hoping you succeed doesn’t replace the hard work necessary to accomplish meaningful goals.
  6. Don’t set goals that are contrary to God’s will for your life. And don’t act like God’s will is some unknowable mystery. Pick up a Bible, read a commentary, pray, at least ask somebody!
  7. Don’t give up just because it’s taking “too long”.
  8. If you realize you’ve been wasting your time pursuing certain goals, give up! Don’t keep pushing because you want to finish something!
  9. If you can’t convince yourself that you can do it, move on.
  10. Share your plans with people who know more than you. You’d rather be redirected now than be an independent failure.
  11. When you know you’re on the right path, and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, keep walking and trust God. You will not be disappointed.



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