Did You Pass “Go”?

didyoupassgoToward the end of each year, the Lord provides me with a central thought for the new year to come. A vision is cast, and I attempt to walk in it faithfully throughout that year. In 2011, it was RISE and in 2012, CHANGE. I didn’t really make a big deal publicly out of either, but at the beginning of this year, I shared with everyone (through my blog and social media) that the year 2013 was GO! In my first blog of the new year, I stated:

It’s time to GO! God has a place for us to get to, and the only way we’re going to get there is if we get ourselves together, and get moving. There is no elevator or escalator on this path God has set before us, so if we’re going to see the blessing we’re hoping for this year, we’re going to have to take every. single. step. that God wants us to to get what God wants us to have.

At this point, it’s the next-to-last day of 2013, and I don’t know about you, but God has sent me on a very unpredictable journey this year. Every one of my steps have not been perfect, but I put myself in a position for God to move me closer. Closer to the next milestone in my development, closer to making some big decisions, and closer to fulfilling some of my life’s goals. How about you? How did 2013 go for you? Do you feel that you made some real progress in your life? Do you feel like God held your hand and walked you toward the front of the line? Did you make moves? Did you “Go”?

It’s never good to be in one “space” for too long a period of time. Whether it be physically, spiritually, or mentally, we are designed for growth and movement. In order for us to continue making moves toward fulfillment of our destinies, we have to be willing to go where God is telling us to. If we can only make moves when we think it’s our idea, our true power will remain untapped and our growth will be stunted. And that process of letting God move you will look different for you than it does for other people. Just be comfortable with the idea that God doesn’t want you to get too comfortable. After all, it’s easier to move you when you’re alert and attuned than it is when you’re relaxed and reclining. #go2013


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