He’s Got His Eyes On You

eyesonyouGod. Sees. Everything.

Many of us who claim belief in God undervalue that statement. We fail to recognize God’s omniscience and thus ascribe a level of vision to God that is closer to that of man. We underestimate God’s capacity to see what’s happening in the world and in our lives because if we’re honest, sometimes it’s just easier to think that God isn’t watching. No one really likes the idea of being watched without permission, so it’s more comfortable for us to have a god whose limitations are similar to our own.

We have limited vision, and we also have the power to limit other’s access into our lives. If we want you to see what’s happening with us, we’ll post a photo for you to see, or we’ll make a comment from one of our many social media accounts. If you are family or a close friend, you may get to see even more of what actually happens in someone’s life, but even then, a person has the power to close a door and hide things they want to keep secret. The right to privacy is a cultural expectation in the United States, and because of that, even when we believe in the almighty God, we still want Him to follow our rules.

Thankfully, God is not limited in the scope or scale of His sight just because it makes us comfortable. I’m grateful that God doesn’t play by our rules and ignore us when we want to be ignored. I’m glad that His eyes are on me, and that He watches each one of us, with full knowledge of who we are. In fact, His uninhibited power to see you for who you really are should give you comfort…if you believe.

If we believe God is who the Bible teaches us He is, then we can take comfort in the knowledge that we will never fall off His grid. We’ll never be “out of sight, out of mind”, and we’ll never be so far gone that when He looks, He can’t find us and redirect us back on course. The Word teaches that He’ll never leave us or forsake us; so in order for that promise to be fulfilled, He must practice the ability to see all things.

God sees everything. He sees the situations of the world, and He sees the circumstances of your heart. He sees the outcome of every potential choice you make, whether it pleases Him or not, yet He does not look away, nor does He give up on you. One of the most powerful messages that can be communicated in this world where so many of us are crying out for attention and begging to be noticed comes from God. He sees you; He knows you; He cares for you.

Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. – Hebrews 4:13 NIV


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