99 and a Half Won’t Do!

99andahalfHas it sunk in yet? The new year has begun, and it’s almost a day old! 2015 is a year of particular importance to me, because I’ve been standing on God’s promises regarding Higher Definition Church to begin this year…for the last four years. In a way, for better or worse, I’ve been “living” in 2015 since a 3-day fast in the fall of 2011, where I wrote out a vision for the following five years. As we enter year 4 on that 5-year plan, God has been speaking to me about the urgency of living in the NOW as opposed to the future, and it’s forced me to do some reevaluating.

I’m always looking for an opportunity for a fresh start, and the first day of a new year is always a great time to reset, especially since I know that millions of people worldwide are also doing the same. From within this community of New Year’s Resolvers (or Resoluters, or Resolutioners), I’d like to share that my personal theme this year is a response to God’s call for me surrender myself in totality to His plan for my life. In other words, my challenge for 2015 is to go “ALL IN”, withholding nothing and giving God every piece of me.

Early in my ministry, I was in the Male Chorus at Hickory Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Chapel Hill, NC, and there’s a song I remember from those days that pretty much sums up my 2015 approach to my relationship with God.

“Lord, I’m runnin’, tryin’ to make a 100, because 99 and a half won’t do”!

Thank you God for walking with me up to this point; a point that I’ve been waiting for years to get to. God’s part is a sure thing; anything you or I want this year from God requires a next level commitment…a total commitment. I don’t know about you, but I’m #allin


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