“Daddy, You’re Weird!”

Twice my daughter said that yesterday, the first time after an impromptu dance marathon while we were cleaning up, set to the sounds of Andy Mineo’s “The Saints”, and I don’t even know what the second was. All I know is that yesterday, my 6-year old realized something that I wasn’t really trying that hard to hide…I’m weird.

I’m different. I’m not like everyone else.

I thank God for that. Yesterday I was inexplicably excited about life, and it ran through my entire day. From church in the morning at my favorite place to preach, where we got to fellowship with some local college students and NAACP members to an afternoon of house cleaning with my ladies, even to prepping dinner and watching Jimmy V’s 30 for 30 (which is excellent, btw), I was “high” all day.

I enjoyed my day. I enjoyed my life. And I was thanking God profusely for the entire experience. Now, I know that every day won’t be as fun as yesterday, and every weekend won’t be as great as this one was, but my goal is for the world’s testimony about me to be the same as my daughter’s.

I want my joy, my love, my peace, my faithfulness, and my commitment to God to elicit that same response. When people get to know me, I want them to think, “that dude’s weird”, and I want it to be because my light for Christ makes me look so different from the darkness of the world. If it’s just because of my personality, it’s not enough. I need God to shine through, for that, I’ll be proud to be weird.

#spitlife #lifeinHD


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